Skate Accessories

10 Products available

CIB Slide Blocks

Generation: NOW of quad grind blocks


CIB Universal Sliders

The quiver killers: make your skates functional at the park AND the oval.


Jackson Laces

Quality laces in vibrant colors


Slip-Not laces

Tough & pretty!


Amy Leashes

Locally made by our friend Amy!


Moxi Let It Roll Laces - pair

...And If It Rolls Back To You...


Criss-Cross Laces 3/4"x72"

3/4" for maximum friction and maximum noticeability


Luigino Waxed Laces

Waxed. The goods.


Sure-Grip Grind Bars

Add a new realm to your skates: coping!


Criss-Cross Laces 1/2"x72"

You're constantly replacing laces, might as well have fun with it!