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A functional update on the classic

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Product description

Love Poison grip but want more roll?... Say hello to Poison Savant!

What could possibly make Atom's Poison, one of the top performing wheels in the industry, any better?... The SAVANT core of course!

Start with the Savant, featuring an oversized core with a molded lip. The oversized core not only reduces weight but increases the overall roll (speed). With the increased speed the molded lip plays a big role in ensuring the grip characteristics remain.

Then that core is covered in Poison urethane. Poison provides awesome grip without that sluggish feeling which allows for more roll. Poison Savant is perfect for outdoor tracks, slick sport courts, bank tracks and dirty wood floors.

Sold in 4-packs

Features include:

  • Oversized 45mm core
  • 5mm tire with 7mm lip
  • Size: 59mm x 38mm
  • Hardness: 84a
  • Surfaces: Slick Surfaces, Indoor

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