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Taking your kit up a level.

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Product description

Chicks in Bowls Grind Trucks are designed for the ultimate park skate set-ups.
Ride with stability. Go faster and bigger than ever before.
Expand your tricks and skills to axle stalls and grinds.
Compatible with most Roller Skate Plates and easy to install,
just follow our simple installation instructions and you’re good to go!Combine with Pro Sliders and CIB Wheels for the ultimate ride.


  • 3 Inches Wide
  • Light Weight Design
  • Compatible with most rollerskate plates*
  • More stability!
  • More tricks!
  • More fun!


100% Radical ★ 100% Made to grind
Designed in New Zealand
Produced in ChinaEach set comes packaged with 4 x CIB Grind Trucks, 8 x Nuts and 16 x Washers and installation instructions.
For more information including plate compatibility click here.

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