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Beach Bunny

All the Moxi for less!


SureGrip Saucony Jogger Reissue - Pre-Order

The most iconic roller skate model ever.


Dart Ombre

Best bang for the buck in our shop



It seems half of all skaters have had a pair of these at one point.


Chaya Jump (w/o grind block)

Name and colors are Van Halen-approved


Jackson Vista

Smooth-lookin', comfy-feelin' cruisers


Crazy Illumin8

Ya know when the Care Bears slid down the sparkly rainbows? It's like that.


Chaya Kismet Barbie Patin - Pink


Moxi Fundaes

They never melt!


CIB Slide Blocks

Generation: NOW of quad grind blocks


Chaya Karma Pro

Style + Comfort + Performance = Yaassss


Antik MG2

Doing what Antik does best


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