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Prevent friction in your boot!

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Product description

Looking for protection against rubbing and blistering for your inline speed skates? Described as a cross between sockless and wearing socks, eZeefit is a form-fitting pull-on ankle bootie that allows your foot to grip your footwear better, yet offer protection. 

The eZeefit for Skating features flatlock stitching for durability and stretch. We recommend the Ultrathin for custom or tight-fitting boots. The 2mm gives light cushion and fills in small gaps. The 3mm fills in gaps in loose boots and reduces rubs and pressure from recreational boots.

Great also for running, cycling, skiing, hiking, rock climbing, equestrian sports, snowboarding, backpacking, racquet sports, soccer, or any active sport!

The ultimate blister solution!
  • Creates friction barrier
  • Great performance wet or dry
  • Washable and reusable
  • Wear barefoot or inside of socks
  • Sold in Pairs
  • 2mm - made of neoprene and a (red) microfiber interior which feels like silk against your skin.  The 2mm material will help fill gaps where needed but also compresses well for tighter spots.  This is our best seller by far.  All of the competitors who sell "copy cat" products use only 2mm (they do not make UT or Skins) and they use far inferior material, and thus our product lasts a lot longer

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