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Product description

The Ground Control FLT4 utilizes the strength of their Mega frame, the lightweight of their FLT3 frame, and the wheel protection of the HD h-block.  Comes stock with plastic h-blocks but can be used with Ground Control's aluminum HD blocks.  Squared-off bottom edges offer increased wheel protection and frame life.  Designed to fit 60mm wheels max.


  • 46mm frame height
  • 41mm frame width
  • 9mm frame wall thickness
  • 110mm middle wheel split
  • 14mm between center of axle and bottom of frame wall
  • GC 8mm sickle bolts w/single tool design
  • Aluminum frame & bearing spacers included
  • H-block mounts with 2 bolts at top of frame for a secure fit


Wheelbase options: 247mm, 257mm, 270mm

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