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There's more than a couple reasons to wear these

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Product description

Luigino Barefoot Booties can be worn with quad, inline, ice boots and/or cycling shoes.

  • Neoprene outer with a soft absorbing inner
  • 2mm allows a more snug fitting boot
  • Warms foot & ankle for comfort and minor injury prevention
  • Excellent barefoot replacement 
  • Improved comfort
  • Reduced blisters (for some eliminates altogether)
  • Easier Break-in on new boots
  • Better longevity of your boots (vs. using barefoot)
  • Increased performance over socks

Small fits skate sizes 2-5

Medium fits skate sizes 5-8

Large fits skate sizes 8-11


Guinevere Vigil
25-06-2019 20:15
Super lightweight! Adds a ton of support without being too hot or cutting off circulation to the rest of my foot.
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