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The low version of Mota's game-changing flagship, the MOJO.

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Product description

Mota Skates new flagship -Savage; ruling out “price is perception”. Mota designed, developed and manufactured Savage to be one of the most elite boots on the market today and for years to come. Mota, as one of the top carbon/composite boot companies in the world realized through the development of hand layup (carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass) that nylon quad shells with proper design would outperform carbon boots.

Savage nylon composite shells vs carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass: Savage encapsulates the foot, VERY similar in weight, more responsive, more comfortable, Flex-Fit counters, adjustable heel counter for narrow or wide feet…most importantly they perform better than carbon for most skaters.

High-performance through technology!

Metcon features:

  • Anatomically shaped around the collar for maximum mobility and agility
  • Same anatomically shaped last used for Mojo Carbon/Savage models, narrow heel, barefoot shaped toe box that fits both narrow and wide feet and promotes easy mold ability.
  • Ergonomic footbeds with 2 mm toe raise, metatarsal, arch and heel cup support
  • Wide lace system to accommodate narrow and wide feet.
  • Pre-Shaped tongue & two lace loops that locks the tongue into place
  • Ultra-light and highly responsive nylon composite outsoles
  • One-piece outsoles that include counters, little to no break-in period
  • Flex-Fit counters that don’t break down or stretch out. Only possible because of Mota’s one-piece outsole and counters technology
  • Fully heat moldable
  • Heel lock straps, adjustable, removable & replaceable
  • Upper Material: Microfiber with carbon texture
  • Liner: microfiber, supports skating barefoot

Heat Moldable for a Custom Fit:

  • All Mota boots are designed with moldable options (NOT REQUIRED).
  • Heat gun recommended but other options available and instructions upon request.
  • Molding can be repeated as many times as needed without sacrificing the integrity of the boot.
  1. Heel Cup: Designed with an extreme fit, because our heel cup is moldable we ensured the fit is tight for no slipping. Reduces blister as well as enhances performance.
  2. Anatomical Foot Bed: All Mota boots come stock with integrated foot beds that provide side to side support, have a slight toe lift for more control, metatarsal support to help keep toes apart and relaxed, ball space to prevent blisters and calluses. Overall Mota Foot Beds prolong skating through comfort and performance.
  3. Toe Box: Anatomically shaped toe box that that promotes easy mold ability, gives your toes more space for control and comfort. The toe shape eliminates space in front of your toes allowing for the correct size plate (feels as if the plate is mounted to the bottom of your foot) The foot print of the boot resembles the shape of an actual foot.

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