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The magnum opus of freeriding

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Product description

The NEXT Brown 125 freeskate has a classic timeless look and is the perfect combination of performance and comfort. Unleash the full power of this big wheel Triskate, with our Elite casted aluminum TRINITY frame, brand new Undercover RAW white 125mm wheels and Wicked ABEC 9 bearings. The heat moldable MYFIT Recall Dual Fit liner with its memory foam Padding provides this little bit of extra comfort that makes you feel great from the very first stride and let you skate longer with more pleasure. The boot offers plenty of unique custom options.: adjust the cuff height or cant the cuff, get more forward flex by cutting the wings of the shell, adjust the length of your cuff wing if needed or check out one of several lacing options to either get more flex or additional support when skating. The Powerslide NEXT Brown 125 let you fly over the asphalt.

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