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The first white Shift!

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Product description

Razors is pleased to announce their 2nd release for Loca Skates - the Loca Lilac is the introduction of the first Razors Shift shell in white.  Accompanied by a lilac IFC soul frames and detailing.  This model comes complete with Reign/Loca Liners, Hockey Style Laces, GC FLT3 Frames, 56mm/90A Wheels (setup anti-rocker), abec9 Bearings and Shift/SL Heelpad. 


The Loca range is specifically crafted for smaller, thinner feet and includes a 4/5US sized shell.



  • Razors Shift Shell & IFC Soulframe
  • Exclusive 4/5 Shell Sizing
  • Reign x Loca Liner
  • Razors VCut Cuff
  • GC FLT3 Frames
  • Loca 56mm/90A Wheels with abec9 Bearings
  • Hockey Laces
  • SL HeelPad
  • Plastic Buckle


Available in US (MEN'S) Sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5

Shell Breakdown: XS-4/5, S-6/7/7.5

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