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Twenty Years In the Making

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Product description

SHIMA1 Reissue

Two decades ago Razors released the first in what grew into 7 pro skate collaborations with Brian Shima, catapulting both the brand and the man to new heights.  The SHIMA1 Reissue pays tribute to the original skate, offering the same iconic soft top lacing and raised liner with SHIMA embroidered across the back.  Still based on the Cult boot platform, the skate offers fully replaceable souls, backslide plates, buckles and cuffs.  The skate comes fully assembled with Ground Control FLT3 frames and 8-60mm wheels with abec9 bearings.



SHIMA1 Soft-top

Cult Boot/Soul/Backslides

High-End Razors Lace-up Liner with SHIMA detailing

GC FLT3 Frames with improved axle strength

60mm/90A GC CM Formula Wheels set-up Flat

ABEC-9 Bearings

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