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Exceptional articulation and protection

Roller Derby Elite
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The RD Elite level Pro Blocker Knee Pads are made to protect when things get rough. The Pro Blacker Pads Features Elasto Max Comfort Sleeve with Elite D-Cell foam padding. Removable High Impact Caps, Industrial Velcro and Velcro Straps keep the kneepads in place during movement and impact. To limit the danger of pad slippage, the Pro Blacker Knees have Silicone Strips on the top and bottom. Made for the skateboarder, skater, or Derby Player who want to push the limits. Adult sizing; choose from Small, Medium, or Large. Roller Derby Elite brings you the best pro-level skating gear. Roller Derby is “America’s Skate Company” since 1936.

  • Designed by pro derby players for unmatched comfort and protection during aggressive and impact sports
  • ElastoMax Comfort Sleeve; Elite D-Cell Foam Padding
  • Removable High Impact Polypropylene Cap
  • Velcro Straps with Industrial Velcro and Silicon Grip Strips at Top and Bottom of Sleeve for secure fit that stays in place

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