11 Products available

Antik AR2

The latest edition of Antik's trademark high-cuffed performance boot


Antik Jet Carbon

Antik's first venture into low-cuts and carbon ... and they nailed it.


Antik MG2

Doing what Antik does best


Luigino Vertigo Q6 Boot

Sleeker update of the Q4


Luigino Q-4

Luigino's flagship boot


Riedell Solaris

The most advanced boot from Riedell


Riedell 495

As good as a leather boot can get


Riedell Blue Streak

The Riedell Blue Streak boot is a game-changer in the roller derby world.


Riedell 265

A classic leather boot, popular for decades


Riedell 126

Full-featured leather boot from Riedell, the authority on leather


Bont Parkstar Boot

New school suede park boot