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They're magically, I'm coo-coo for Cocoa ... dang it, Follow your nose! Yeah! It always knows!

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THESE ARE FOR PRE-ORDER. Your wheels will ship as soon as we receive them. The 62mm's are ESTIMATED to be here on Dec 24th and the 57's are estimated to arrive mid-January.


"If you can do it, do it on roller skates!" is Michelle's ethos and she does a LOT on skates. These fruit-flavored wheels stay hard in milk and are part of your complete shred-fest.

Bones' Elite Formula (of Bowl Bomber fame) is really, really good: hard, fast but still a bit of grip making them SO good in bowls (with or without milk).

  • 57mm or 62mm
  • 101a
  • Hubless
  • Comes with a blue, Purple, orange, and yellow wheel
  • Sold in 4-packs (two packs needed for a pair of skates)

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