Death & Glory Skate Shop has and will ever be grateful for the acceptance, encouragement, empowerment, and fun of the quad skating community locally & worldwide. We will do what we are able in order to continue accepting, encouraging, empowering, and having fun.

When Derbyville, Denver's beloved first quad shop, closed in 2016, we all mourned. And since the growth of Colorado's roller-scene is only exceeded by the growth of Colorado's real estate market, it's been difficult to afford opening another. 

But capitalizing on a multitude of resources and opportunities we have another place to meet and supply our community. It took the experience, knowledge, and love of a lot of skaters and the benevolence of a strange little church called Scum of the Earth to make Death & Glory Skate Shop a real thing.

Death & Glory is starting humbly, stocking solid brands with all the staples and we intend to grow until we have it all!