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The most iconic roller skate model ever.

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Product description

In the 1970's Sure-Grip had an amazing idea to create an outdoor roller skate for the masses. After an exhaustive search they partnered with SAUCONY. It was an amazing partnership with an even more amazing back story. SAUCONY took a chance on a crazy project when no one else would. In 2020 SureGrip is proud to announce the they have partnered once again with SAUCONY to recreate the legendary JOGGER outdoor roller skate.

This unique partnership brings together two global brands to celebrate an iconic product. The collection, inspired by the original, uses SAUCONYS amazing product development and manufacturing techniques accompanied by the superior quality and design of the SURE-GRIP plates and wheels are sure to excite the spirit of the skating community. The Jogger is a retro inspired collaboration between SAUCONY and SURE-GRIP using the iconic Jazz Low Pro shoe in a new special colorway matching the original product from the 1970's and the original Jogger plate from SURE-GRIP. Side by side you can barely tell them apart.


*Expected delivery mid- to late-July 2020


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